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Direct Cremation

Sometimes people do not want any fuss following a death or wish to break away from conventional traditions. A direct cremation is a suitable option for those that want to keep the death of a loved one less formal or understated. These services do not include an official ceremony before the cremation. As a result, you are free to celebrate their life as you see fit. We also offer an alternative ‘Basic Funeral’ package for those that want a small service beforehand. If you would like any further information about our services, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Does a Direct Cremation Involve?

The cremation will take place at a local crematorium without an attended service. It normally takes place early in the morning. Although this is a simple service, you can still expect the same dignified care, respect and professional standards that you would receive with any of our other funeral services.

The fact that direct cremations do not have an official ceremony does not mean that you cannot celebrate the life of your loved one. Instead, you are free to organise alternative arrangements to commemorate them.

Basic Funerals

Our Basic Funeral is an alternative option that includes a short, small and intimate service. This option is suited to those that wish to provide friends and family with the opportunity to bid a final farewell. For further details or to discuss the options, please contact us. 

What is Included?

These simple funeral services include the following:

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